Design Diary 006 – Guest Post from Richard Launius

Thunder Rolls is a dice placement stock car racing game for 1-9 players

Thunder Rolls Launch Day is Fast Approaching! Today we have a very special guest joining us to share his own design notes out his latest game, Thunder Rolls. I have a special vested interest in this game as I’ve helped develop and I will be running the Kickstarter for it later this month! Exciting times for sure! So without further ado: So what did you do during the lockdown of…

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Design Diary 005 – Thunder Rolls

Box cover image for the board game Thunder Rolls

Status Report and an Introduction Welcome back to Taran’s design diary and intermittent blog post ramblings. As always, I get to post here far less frequently than I want to and, as always, I’m hoping to change that. There is always just so much going on! That said, I do have some exciting news about a new game project! “Wait – what?” You might be inclined to ask, “Why are…

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Design Diary 004 – Helionox Art

Let’s try something new! Somewhere over the last year or two, I decided that I’m not only a game designer and graphic designer but also an illustrator… Too many hats?! Yes – but what’s a boy to do? I just want to do everything! It started something like this: “I need an artistic outlet for my creative mind. I liked drawing and painting when I was younger, maybe I’ll give…

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Design Diary 003 – Game Mechanics in Helionox

Part 1 of ? Hello and welcome back. I’ve been meaning to get into to some of the nitty gritty on the game mechanics in Helionox: Chronicles for quite some time now so let’s dive right in. I’ve added a bunch of the different mechanics to the Chronicles BoardGameGeek page. You can see the listing here: Helionox: Chronicles on BoardGameGeek. I’ve linked the mechanics descriptions from BGG below and will…

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Design Diary 002 – Inspiration

Sadr Region courtesy of Luke Green

Inspiration from Leaders in the Board Game Industry Hard at work play testing, working on art, trying to build a brand and a game company – sometimes you have to come up for air. When I have time, I love to read other bloggers, watch videos on how to play games, and generally be involved in the board gaming community. I take so much inspiration from others who are doing…

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