Helionox: Chronicles on the tabletop

Dedicated to this craft.

You like the tape holding my dice faces on? Somehow it seems a fitting image for today’s entry. I’m holding things together but sometimes it feel like I’m using tape to do so. For example, if you follow these blogs at all, you’ll notice pattern. I’ll write, maybe even a few entries, then silence. For weeks. Or even months….

It is so hard for me to stay consistent on these entries for some reason and I’m almost worse when it comes to social media posts. So what is it? It’s not like I don’t enjoy it. I suppose I’m just constantly getting sucked in to other parts of running this business. I love designing games both mechanically and graphically. The major part of my work time has gone into these areas since my last posting here so I suppose that’s good. I’m dedicated to the craft. I’m working at all the time and I think I’m building some good stuff. I just finished Thunder Rolls and Helionox: Chronicles is 90% ready to go yet with all that – I am struggling in some aspects of both biz dev and marketing.

So how is this a design diary of any kind? I guess my point is that a lot more goes in to designing a game than just the game design itself – most notably calling something done and then bringing it to market. Does anyone else struggle in these areas? Maybe you have a different area that slows you down? Please share! I’d love to hear more about it. For now, I’m focused on breaking things into bite sized pieces. Chew this until it’s done then move on to the next bite – right?!

On to a bit of of design related news. As I mentioned, Thunder Rolls files have been completed and sent to the manufacturer. This has freed up my time again to focus on (among other designs) Helionox: Chronicles. I have a few publishers interested so there is some opportunity there but this game has been delayed so long, I’m only going to go with someone who can help move things forward. I like the idea of working with a publisher who has some established marketing clout. I don’t like the idea of waiting in a traditional publishing queue. I may seek a partnership that allows me to run the Kickstarter myself and allows a publisher to handle the marketing and the fulfilment. What do you think? Would you prefer to see Helionox published in a more traditional sense using distribution channels and retailers or do you love Kickstarter as much as I do? What has been your experience as a customer or a creator or both?

Ok – I won’t even say it this time – oh who am kidding of course I’m going to say it – “I’ll try to be more regular about posting here!” Ha! Well, no guarantees but I will try to be back soon with insights and news a plenty!

I’m liking this image more than any of the other images I’ve considered for the cover Helionox: Chronicles. What do you think?

4 Thoughts to “Design Diary 007 – How much can one person do?”

  1. Thomas Romanelli

    Taran, I was happy to see you enjoyed a successful campaign with Thunder Rolls. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Helionox universe, and wonder if you’re still anticipating a launch by mid-2022?

    I imagine that regular diary entries are very challenging, especially for the individual like yourself who is wearing many different hats while they grow the necessary business side of games creation. We can’t all be as prolific as Jamey Stegmaier, but please share some of that sweet, sweet artwork the next time you do have an opportunity to post. I also noticed that the game has evolved from the videos I watched last year (the year before?), and would be interested in reading about your design philosophy and how that influenced the decisions reflected in the current prototype.

    A couple questions / some food for thought:

    – Are you going to offer a standard & deluxe version of H:C when you launch the project?
    – Have you looked into KS alternatives? I’ve have had a number of very positive user-experiences with Gamefound.
    – Would you consider doing a direct pre-order through whichever publisher you partner with?
    – What is Helionox: Sunward Struggle? I saw the listing on BGG but there’s not a lot of info there.

    When/if time permits, please think about making a short video showing off all the goodies you’ve been working on!

    [Sorry if there’s a duplicate posting: tried doing it from my phone…]

    1. taran kratz

      Thanks Thomas! Sorry for the slow response on approval. I think I can set it up so once I’ve approved one comment from a user, the rest will auto approve… anyway, on to your questions:
      – I have thought a bit about Gamefound as Maj Mentioned it a while back. I’m much more familiar with KS but I may dig a bit deeper there since yet another of my favorite gamers (that’s you by the way) has now mentioned it as well external image
      – I will dig into design philosophy on my next blog post for sure. It has evolved significantly!
      – definitely digging into publishing partner options as we speak… hopefully more on that soon.
      – my hope is mid ‘22 at the latest – I see no reason that can’t happen. Hopefully sooner!
      – I’ve thought about standard vs deluxe and my I’m leaning towards a single version though there may be some deluxe options available to purchase separately. This way, I only have to create 1 version of the game but people who like lots of extras can still get those kinds of goodies 🙂
      Thanks again, Tommy!

  2. Geoff Bowers

    Looks great! Makes me want to break out Helionox right now.

    1. taran kratz

      Thanks Geoff! I’m very excited about how well Chronicles is turning out.

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