So I’m preparing to post part one of the long awaited Helionox digital story book – What?! Digital story book, you say?! Yes, this was a planned stretch goal that I’ve been really REALLY slow in putting together. But – the time has finally come. My plan is to post each part individually on a weekly basis right here on this blog. I’ve received some amazing contributions from a few different people and I’ve been writing myself so it’s definitely worth a read. Additionally, as you get inspired by reading these stirring narratives from end of the solar system as we know it, maybe you realize “Hey, I’d like to contribute to the Helionox universe”. I’d love to get more contributions for future volumes of the digital story book. So keep it in mind as you read. I love fan fiction and plan to make this fan driven story cannon in the world of Helionox. I plan to put all of this into a compendium at some point and make it available as a PDF or Ebook download so look forward to that and consider contributing if you’d like to see some of your writing posted here!

Now, I titled this post “The Great Blog Divide”. My plan is to separate all of the posts related to the digital story book with the tag and title of “DSB”. I’ll make each part or “chapter” a separate post so it’ll be easier to find. I’ll keep blogging regular posts as well and should have some game related news in the near-ish future…

Until then, hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and look for my next post – part one of Helionox: Tales from the System’s End….

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