Architects of the Deluxe Edition (Part 2)

Architect Strategies Part 2 Ready for another strategy primer? Of course you are! I’ve got a few more Architects I’d like to showcase today so let’s get right to it. One of my favorite Architects from the Mercury Protocol expansion, Jetta, Tech Dealer embodies an Architect with arguably the most a powerful Cryo ability in Read more about Architects of the Deluxe Edition (Part 2)[…]

Helionox: Deluxe Edition Compiled Information

Hello – Taran Lewis Kratz and this is it – my long neglected blog page… My hope is, once again, to post something here on fairly regular (weekly?) basis. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I figured I just put up a compilation of information I’ve shared with Helionox backers along the way via Read more about Helionox: Deluxe Edition Compiled Information[…]

Zeroic Blog 004 – Mercury Protocol announcement part 2

April 19th, 2016 This blog post comes as an official date announcement. Our Kickstarter will commence on the Tuesday April 19th! Be there on day one and help us get a great start to this awesome new expansion for Helionox. The Core Set and the Expansion Helionox is a movement based deck building card game Read more about Zeroic Blog 004 – Mercury Protocol announcement part 2[…]