Zeroic Blog 002 – BGG.con

BGG.con 2015

Wow. That was a whirlwind of meeting new people, demoing games and watching a lot of people getting excited about Helionox! This was my first opportunity to actually meet and hang out with Sean Brown, president and owner of Mr. B Games. Sean has been amazing to work with – professional, knowledgeable, timely, and willing to get the job done at every turn. Many thanks to you, Sean. Zeroic Games would not be where it is now without your mentorship! It was great to hang out in the booth all weekend with both Sean and his associate Chris Taylor. I can’t wait to do it again at the next convention.

So what happened at the con? This represents my first chance to interact with fans outside of my region. We at Zeroic Games have attended several game conventions in the great northwest and countless game demos at game stores in both the Portland and Seattle areas yet flying to a new city touting our wares presents a significant change in the way Zeroic Games will operate. As a result of some favorable press coverage (thank you Rahdo!) we had good momentum going into BGG.con. Many people recognized our game and most people who tried a demo picked up a copy of their own. Of course, everyone wanted a play mat and of course we didn’t make near enough of those. We are working on a solution to that in the very near future.

In general, I got to play Helionox with and meet some wonderful people and of course I got to see the legendary game library of over 3000 games. Epic! Almost everyone said they stopped by the booth because the art looks awesome and after a short demo were convinced that the gameplay is solid as well. We should even have more reviews and playthroughs popping up on the internet in the coming months. Though our Kickstarter may have flown under the radar for many people, it feels like Helionox is finally coming out of the shadows.


Epic BGG game library!!!!

BGG.con 2015 is an experience I have no doubt I will someday reminisce about as the “good old days”. Thanks again to everyone who played Helionox, to everyone I shared drinks or laughs with, and thanks to all those in this industry who really get it. I am literally astounded by how many of you fall into this category!