Zeroic Blog 003 – Mercury Protocol announcement part 1

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Obviously its been way too long since our last blog post but its not because we haven’t been busy. So, here we are – back with another post – and this one is pretty exciting. Zeroic Games is pleased to announce its first expansion and second release ever…

Helionox: Mercury Protocol

This expansion will bring you more reasons to travel the solar system, picking fights with nasty events, and delivering much needed cargo to the Interworlds! The story picks up in the midst of the Last Sunset timeline so I thought I might take this blog post and share a few things about that story arc.

The Helionox is a solar event that takes place over the course of thousands of years. As the sun slowly dies, the Interworlds (the planets within our solar system) begin to feel the negative effects. Cold snaps and solar flares are common which causes all manners of civil unrest. One of the greatest catastrophes thus far is ruin of Mercury, a once colonized settlement of the Interworlds. Lashed by solar flares, Mercury burnt to an orbiting husk in a matter of hours. Most of Mercury’s inhabitants were unable to escape the devastation.

Mercury itself began as a penal colony, run by a group of fringe scientists. Its close proximity to the sun allowed for experimentation that would have been impossible anywhere else. As the generations passed, people born on Mercury developed strange genetic abilities as a result of these experiments. These abilities manifested as both physical and mental enhancements.

As the refugees from the Mercurian catastrophe spread out across the solar system, the Interworlds governments were faced with serious political questions. Could they bring these strange, other worldly beings into their worlds – into their communities? These questions eventually led to the Mercury Protocol – a strict policy banning Mercurian tech. For many Mercurians, however, their tech was integrated into their genetic make up. It some cases it even kept them alive.

With the Mercury Protocol expansion we hope to further develop the world of Helionox, exploring many new characters and new tech that survived the catastrophe on Mercury and the political dilemma it created for the Interworlds.

All cards from Helionox: the Last Sunset are usable with the new expansion and we are going to have several different packages available for folks to chose from on our Kickstarter. That’s right – this will be a Kickstarter expansion so look for it there soon!