Zeroic Blog 001 – Introductions

The first Zeroic Games blog post.

Oh sure, we ‘ve had other posts, from time to time, but this our first coordinated effort to make it happen with any regularity. Perhaps a fitting day to start this process since at the time of writing this, I am on route to Dallas for BGG.con. Now the question is – where to begin? Fortunately, beginnings are not a problem for me. Finishing, on the other hand… Anyway, introductions seem to be the most relevant place to begin so without further ado:

My name is Taran Lewis Kratz. I am the Lead Designer for Helionox – the Last Sunset. I live in Portland, Oregon which embodies the very spirit of board gaming culture. There are so many great places to play games in Portland and so many great gamers! And yes, Portland has some of the finest craft breweries in the world. All that said, In regards to board gaming, I suspect the only place that may be blowing up faster than Portland is Seattle where the rest of Zeroic Games resides (I still take Portland over Seattle for craft brews but that’s another story).

I represent ¼ of Zeroic Games. Our other members are as follows:

Josh Reedy – Lead Developer. Josh (JR – since we have 2 Josh’s on the team) did amazing work ensuring that Helionox came together. He did everything from heading up the playtesting efforts to making sure mechanics and card costs worked as expect and in conjunction with one another. He spearheaded the data collection efforts to get all of our Kickstarter products to you in a timely manner. His analytical mind is already planning more great games and you can expect JR to take the Lead Designer role on future Zeroic releases. He is also my cousin and oldest friend. We have photos together from when we were two years old! Here we are – still pals and still playing games together.

Josh Green – Business Administration. Josh (JG) played the most integral role in developing our business profile. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say that he’s the one making sure we have the resources to operate while helping us figure out exactly what we should be doing with those resources so we can efficiently spend our time creating games. Though JG’s role may be the most “behind the scenes”, trust me when I say we all (you included) benefit greatly from his expertise. I met the Green’s (both Josh and Luke) when I was in grade school. As kids, Luke and I used to torment the younger Josh (though he may have done some tormenting of his own). Ahh the good ol’ days. But just look at how well he turned out (thanks to Luke and myself, no doubt) – putting his MBA in Technology Management to work for Zeroic Games!

Luke Green – Art Director. This is the man that brought you the stunning visuals you have seen in Helionox. He is the reason our first game looks SO good and the reason our future releases will continue to look amazing. Here’s an interesting story – Luke and I got into art and starting creating comic books together in 7th grade! Though he spent a good amount of time drawing in high school, he basically left the visual arts behind in ’94 (after we graduated – maybe even before that) and did not start drawing again until 2013 when we started the Helionox project.

“So wait,” you say, “Luke took a nearly 20 year hiatus from Illustrating and came back with something like 70 original pieces of stunning art work for Helionox?!”

Yep – that’s what I’m saying.

Not only have these three men been amazing professionals to work with, but these are three of my dearest friends. I’ve known them all since childhood. We’ve worked on countless projects together over the years. We played in a metal band together in high school, wrote and illustrated comic books, made movies, and even built our own small business (prior to Zeroic Games). Now we are together again – our goal? To bring new, innovative, and visually unique games to your table top!