The Imagination Challenge

First off, many thanks to Sophie Lagacé for her fantastic and imaginative take on the three images I posted on Tuesday.  I found some time to develop one of the images using her description.  Just as a reminder, here’s what we started with:

green planes


And here was what Sophie saw:

“Underwater encounter with a wreck; the larger countershaded portion in the center is a futuristic submersible emerging from the murky bottom, behind it is the silhouette of an older surface vessel, sunk long ago. A Bermuda’s Triangle, the submersible barely escapes?”

And here’s what I drew (click on the image to super size it!):

Escape from wreckage


See?  Wasn’t that fun?  Thanks again, Sophie, for the awesome idea.   You saw something I didn’t.  And congratulations, you helped create card art for our deck-building game! Now we just have to think of a card mechanic to go with the image 🙂

For the rest of you, there are still two undeveloped images waiting for more ideas.  I’ll keep this “Imagination Challenge” open for a few more days before I develop any more images.  Are you guys going to let Sophie have all the fun!?

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