Tell me what you see

Help me make some card art!  Take a look at the rough palette images below and tell me what you see.  Comment with your wildest ideas and I’ll turn them into card art.  Remember we’re making a futuristic space game…so think SCI FI!!  –Luke

blue squares

green planes

aqua blobs

3 thoughts on “Tell me what you see

  • Top: Sun viewed through thick fog over an abandoned metropolis, the dark vertical shapes are skyscrapers and we’re looking down the street.

    Center: Underwater encounter with a wreck; the larger countershaded portion in the center is a futuristic submersible emerging from the murky bottom, behind it is the silhouette of an older surface vessel, sunk long ago. A Bermuda’s Triangle, the submersible barely escapes?

    Bottom: Underwater encounter, this time with a more advanced elder or alien technology (I’m thinking of the Blue Planet RPG setting). Sketchy, we should see just enough to get the impression they are not ours…

  • Hey, are you still taking ideas for these? :]

    The first thing I thought when I saw the top one was kinda the same as Sophie Lagace – a futuristic city with a sunset/sunrise in the background, and the horizontal rectangles were hover craft of some kind….. But as I looked at it I thought the light in the distance could be some sort of explosion (a ship over the city – or the planet’s star) and the horizontal rectangles could still be air/spacecraft of some kind looting/escaping the city…

    As for the bottom one — again, Sophie’s got a great idea ;P :] . . . but as I’m looking at it, I’m thinking more of a space shot with the light in the upper left-hand corner being a star(‘sun’) and the lights closer to us are the engines on a spacecraft(s) – like some sort of deep space probe or exploration vessel…. (or possibly a trade ship headed for a spacestation?)

    • Hey, JD, great ideas for these. I’m going to have some time in the next week to work on some art, so I’ll give one of your ideas a shot. Thanks for taking time to make some suggestions. –Luke

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