Greetings from the Zeroic Art Department

Ceres mining colony, version 2

Dearest Zeroic Fans,

A warm welcome to all of you from the Art Department here at Zeroic Games.  We look forward to posting updates and news about new artwork, designs and game concepts related to all of Zeroic’s tabletop games and other projects.  To kick things off, we have uploaded a few brand new images from our first tabletop project, Helionox, to our Gallery.  We hope you enjoy this first look into the world of Helionox…there is much more to come!


3 thoughts on “Greetings from the Zeroic Art Department

  • Website looks slick guys! Can’t wait to play the new game;) It’s been enjoyed here in Indiana by many…blessings! Brooke

  • Thanks, Brooke! You are our first blog commentor! And all is as it should be 😉

    It’s awesome having both Luke and myself adding content here! Thanks for the great additions to the site Luke. Your artistic styling is a driving force in this project and one that I am astounded by with each new piece of work that I behold!

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