Gamestorm, a look back

As we approach Dragonflight next month, we’ve been thinking back to the first convention we attended:  Gamestorm in Vancouver, WA.  This was a big moment for us.  We came away feeling excited about the work we’d done on Helionox and energized by the response we received from Portland’s gaming community.  While we clearly had an unfinished game on our hands, we knew we were heading in the right direction.  We also met some amazing people who we’ve continued to communicate with since the convention.  They have given us input, which for noobs like us, has proved to be invaluable.


It was surreal laying out the game for the first time and having people stop by our table to ask about it.  It gave us that weird mix of excitement and trepidation that anyone who has put themselves out there creatively will recognize.



The Game Lab at Gamestorm was huge for us.  It was the first true play test of Helionox and an opportunity to receive some much needed critical feedback.  I think we all wished we could have done several straight days of testing like this.

Helionox has come a very long way since Gamestorm and is a much better, much more streamlined game today.  But we owe a lot to that experience…our first foray into the world of tabletop game design.  We’ll see you next year, Gamestorm!

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