Architects of the Deluxe Edition (Part 2)

Architect Strategies Part 2 Ready for another strategy primer? Of course you are! I’ve got a few more Architects I’d like to showcase today so let’s get right to it. One of my favorite Architects from the Mercury Protocol expansion, Jetta, Tech Dealer embodies an Architect with arguably the most a powerful Cryo ability in Read more about Architects of the Deluxe Edition (Part 2)[…]

Zeroic Blog 002 – BGG.con

BGG.con 2015 Wow. That was a whirlwind of meeting new people, demoing games and watching a lot of people getting excited about Helionox! This was my first opportunity to actually meet and hang out with Sean Brown, president and owner of Mr. B Games. Sean has been amazing to work with – professional, knowledgeable, timely, Read more about Zeroic Blog 002 – BGG.con[…]